Organisational Development


Strategy Formulation and Execution


It is a truism of strategic planning that “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there.” We believe that every organization requires a strategic plan that serves as a roadmap for guiding its future actions. The strategic plan also provides management with a framework for decision making as well as a basis for measuring performance. 


At HROD Africa we strive to assist organizations in becoming strategy focused. We utilize a logical approach to facilitating strategic planning; informed by rigorous analysis of the organization’s environment, value chain and stakeholder expectations. We ask the following simple but fundamental questions about the organization:


(i)    Where are you now?


(ii)    Where do you want to be?


(iii)    How will you close the gap?


Balanced Scorecard  


We guide the deployment of the Balanced Scorecard as a tool for implementing organizational strategy as well as monitoring organizational performance.


Through the Balanced Scorecard, we help organisations to deploy the Strategic Plan throughout the organization, effectively linking it with day-to-day operations. That linkage is achieved through a process called cascading. Cascading is the process of developing balanced scorecards at every level of the organization.  Cascading translates the work of each department into alignment with the corporate scorecard. The ultimate objective of the cascading process is to translate the high-level corporate objectives into team and then into personal scorecards. This ensures alignment of all the levels of the organization, right down to the individual level.


Organizational Design


Effective delivery of organisational purpose can be hampered by the existence of an inappropriate structure. Organization design relates to the creation of the necessary capability for the delivery of organisational purpose and strategy. Organisational structure (including roles) must therefore be in alignment with its purpose and strategy. This alignment determines the organization’s capability for sustainable effectiveness or competitiveness.


Our organization modeling process takes cognizance of key factors affecting the design process like organizational purpose, stage in organizational life cycle, strategy, people, technology, environment, value chain and best practice. We therefore develop appropriate organizational models that will enable organizations to achieve their strategic intent.
Change Management.


Most of the organizational development interventions that we facilitate inadvertently bring about changes in the way people work in terms of methods, processes and relationships. Therefore in order to alleviate anxieties, we consciously build in change management into our organizational development interventions. By so doing, change management cuts across the entire project, from preparing for change, managing change and reinforcing change.
We conduct change readiness assessment, ensure ongoing communication in the implementation process and ensure that change lasts by providing training and support to internal change agents.


Organizational Surveys


Successful organizations realize that sustained performance and organizational success depends on continuous improvement of the organization’s capacity to respond to environmental challenges. These organizations recognize the need to carry out regular assessments of the organizational climate, performance culture, and levels of employee engagement.


HROD Africa assists clients to gather and analyze data on employee opinions and perceptions using manual and web based systems. Our consultants recognize the value of providing feedback to employees as well as the need to take concerted action on the results. To this end, we assist organizations to formulate and implement initiatives for change.