Integrated Performance Management

Integrated Performance Document


Organisational Performance Management


It is now customary that organisations regularly develop and/or review their strategic plans. However, it is sad to note that the majority of these plans are either half-heartedly or partially implemented.


Organizations must not only design their strategy, but clearly describe the strategy, cascade it to all levels and logically link it to a credible performance management system. An effective performance management system performs the role of the operational coal face for strategy. Effective strategy execution provides extraordinary value in the form of a quantum leap in share price, revenues, brand recognition, and employee commitment (Norton and Kaplan 2008). 


HROD Africa assists organisations to introduce and implement appropriate systems for effective management of organisational performance. We utilize the Balanced Scorecard to enable identification of appropriate performance indicators, and ensure ongoing tracking and reporting. This process effectively links organizational strategy and day-to-day operational management.


People Performance Management


An organisational performance management system must be seamlessly linked with the people performance management system (PMS) in order to ensure effective execution of organisational strategy.


At HROD Africa we specialise in assisting organisations to design and implement performance management systems that ensure organizations effectively deliver on agreed goals and strategic objectives.  Our approach to PMS guides both management and employees at all levels to enhance their performance and maximise their potential contribution towards the success of the organisation. 


Monitoring and Evaluation


The increased demand for accountability and improved programme delivery especially in the public and non-governmental (NGO) sectors has led to an increase in demand for rigorous monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks.


HROD Africa assists public organisations and NGOs to develop and implement appropriate M&E frameworks for monitoring effectiveness of policies, programmes and service delivery.